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San Antonio Single-Family Home Prices and Sales Rise as Job Market Sees a Boost

San Antonio Continues Upward Trend in Real Estate and Job Growth

The San Antonio real estate market is maintaining its healthy position
as average and median prices for single family home sales in San Antonio increased by 5.6% and 3.7% respectively over April 2011 numbers.
In a June report compiled from Multiple Listing Service data, the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® (SABOR) also reported that Single family home sales climbed in May, with a 19.3% increase over April 2011.

The average price for single-family homes in San Antonio in May 2011, was
$191,750 and the median sales price for single family homes in San Antonio rose to $153,400 in May 2011.

“The recent market numbers prove that homeownership in our city is a great personal investment,” said Angela Shields, President and CEO of SABOR. “Sellers are benefiting from the increased equity in their homes as a result of rising prices, but prices are still reasonable enough for buyers to enter the
market affordably.”

San Antonio continues its strong showing for economic stability, most notably with recent news about new jobs coming into the city. Kohl’s Department Stores recently announced that it will create 700 to 800 customer service jobs
in addition to the over 1,000 positions previously slated to be filled within the next two years.

The Alamo City also ranked among the four Texas locales on’s list of best cities for recent college graduates. The ranking considered such features as cost of living, unemployment rate, and average per capita personal income.

Scott Caballero, 2011 SABOR Chairman of the Board commented on the report saying “Job growth is among the factors we watch to determine the health of our marketplace. San Antonio’s level of job growth and its recognition as a great place for graduates entering the workforce is evidence that we have an economy that supports home ownership.”

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